Sothys Desquacrem – Deep Cleanser


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An original Sothys formula.  This deep cleanser helps to remove stubborn impurities from the skin.

All skin types



  • Features & Benefits

    A deep biological cleanser of remarkable efficiency, Desquacrem has perfect affinity with the skin’s tissues, emulsifying biological waste accumulations excreted through the skin and environmental pollutants the skin would otherwise absorb.  Desquacrem, boosted with gypsophila root, digests fatty excretions and disencrust the follicular orifice, enzymatically emulsifying waxy esters (oily impurities), comedones (blackheads) and milia (hard waxy deposits).  Desquacrem prepares the skin to absorb serums and treatment creams allowing for a more efficient utilisation of their active ingredients.  A non-alkaline, pH balanced formulation that deeply cleanses the skin without the skin feeling stripped or tight.  The use of Biological Peeling prior to the application of Desquacrem gives a double action peeling and deep biological cleansing in perfect synergy.  Recommended for all skin types, use twice a week for normal skin, with oily congested skin able to use Desquacrem up to three times weekly.  Deep enzymatic action on fatty deposits leaving the skin brightened and lightened, assisting absorption of treatment serums and creams, can be used conveniently in the shower, and is easily taken when travelling.How To Use

    After makeup removal with the cleaning milk and lotion, spread a small amount of Desquacrem on the moist face and neck, avoiding the area around the eyes. Allow to act for 1 minute. Then lightly massage in circular motions, either with the moist fingertips, or using a moist brush, in order to emulsify the product into a light foam. Carefully rinse with moist, warm makeup sponges. Repeat these two operations several times until the products are fully removed. Complete the cleansing operation with the lotion best suited your skin type. Then gently dry.


    Using a small amount only (1/2 ml or size of a peanut) disperse Desquacrem over the entire face and neck area.  Using wetted fingertips, massage for 1 minute with brisk circular action.  Then allow to penetrate for 2-3 minutes.  Emulsify with wetted finger tips to bring the product back to the skin’s surface.  Using tepid water rinse off, emulsify, and repeat this several times until the skin feels free of the product.  The Sothys Cleansing Lotion should then be used after Desquacrem.

    Key Ingredients