Sothys Anti Ageing Essential Ampoules


Sothys Anti-Ageing Essential Ampoules For skin with prematurely ageing skin.

7 x 1.5ml


Features & Benefits:
A pioneer of professional ampoules since 1960, SOTHYS is getting back to basics with these beauty-restoring mini treatments – ideal for all women and men alike!

SOTHYS the first creator of beauty ampoules is launching a series of concentrated beauty serums, sealed in a vacuum sterile vial for its precision in dosage and purity, for you to enjoy its remarkable after-facial results at your own convenience and comfort; at home or travel, in flight or at night,‎Facial Anytime‬!

For prematurely ageing skin, this ampoule with argan tree polyphenols and ellagic acid fights damaging free radicals and destructive enzymes while protecting the collagen fibres and the skins natural defense mechanisms.

Ideal for protecting the skin against signs of time
Textured formula
Fragrance Citrus, floral, green tea

How To Use
After cleansing the skin, apply half of the ampole in the morning and half in the evebing to the face and neck, lightly drum the skin to ensure it is fully absorbed, then continue with the usual serum(s) + cream ritual. Break the top off the ampoule (break in an outward snapping motion) and apply contents to the face or apply ½ in morning and ½ at night by resealing ampoule with the inverted cap…(the ampoule concentrate must be used within 24 hours for maximum effectiveness). Use under Sothys serum and cream as a concentrated booster OR as an alternative to a regular Sothys serum

– For 7 days Morning and night
– A Course of treatment with 7 ampoules
– Use as often as necessary

Key Ingredients
HMW* Hyaluronic acid – Forms a hydrating and protective film on the skin surface
Argan tree polyphenois – Anti – Free radical and protective effect on the collagen fibers
Ellagic acid – Anti free radical effect and stimulates collagen production