15 mins…. $32

30 mins…. $57

45 mins…. $70

60 mins…. $90

Milia Removal….$35

Red Vein…. $50


1/2 leg wax…. $40

Full leg wax…. $55

Bikini wax…. $30

Brazilian…. $65

Underarm…. $25


Facial-lip, face, chin….$15 per area

Lip Bleach….$20



Eyes & Brows

Eyelash tint….$25

Eyebrow tint….$20

Eyebrow shape….$20

Eye trio….$55

Brow Lamination….$50

Lash lift with tint….$75


Nail paint only….$20
Soak, cut & moisturise….$20
Shape & polish….$35
Presto Pedi….$55
Presto Mani…..$55
Lux Pedi or Mani…..$75
Gel nails express….$49
Gel nails luxe….$70
Gel Removal….$20

Massage/Swedish remedial

30 mins….$60
45 mins….$75
60 mins….$90


Bellissima day….$50
Magnifique night….$70
Belle of the Ball….$70
Makeup classes….$80 redeemable on products on the day
Weddings please enquire

SOTHYS OF PARIS Facials & Body Treatments

Classic Facial Treatment – $99

Complete facials including cleansing, exfoliation and an appropriate intensive serum, face and neck massage, mask and moisture protection. Customised to suit all skin types and compliment the home-care regime.

Soothing Facial Treatment – $144

Complete skin maintenance facial including cleansing, exfoliation and an appropriate intensive serum, face and neck massage, mask and moisture protection/60 mins

Seasonal Facial Treatment – $110

An original concept combining chronobiology and delicious flavours to reveal the skin’s radiance, season by season. A dose of oxygen with a complex of minerals to boost the skin’s defence system before Winter and a cocktail of vitamins to revitalise it before Summer.

Organics Radiance Treatment – $104

This express treatment with fresh, botanical scents awakens the skin and boosts radiance instantly. An alliance of sensoriality and efficiency in the new Sothys Organics® organic certified facial treatment.

Enjoy a moment of deep relaxation as the treatment includes a deeply relaxing face and scalp massage. Suitable for all skins including sensitive.

Cryo Eye Professional Treatment – $104

A treatment facial designed to target wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and the effects of blue light exposure around the eye contour. Increase radiance and effectively combat the appearance of premature or existing aging, uneven colour and signs of fatigue. A specific massage utilising the Sothys modelling porcelains works to further improve microcirculation and drainage.

Illuminating Professional Treatment – $170

A radiance beauty routine to target and treat all types of dark spots. This 6-step treatment provides a triple solution: dark spots, hydration and an even complexion.

RX high performance peel – $90 – add ampoule $130

Resurfacing  peel – $120 add ampoule – $135

Detox Energie Intensive Treatment – $185

A one hour 15 minute deep cleansing treatment facial to combat environmental stress and increase skin radiance, can be used to compliment the Hydrating and Youth Intensive Treatments. Plus includes a take home gift!

Day to day living results in accumulated stress on our skin. Couple this will age, hormonal activity and pollution and the result is accelerated aging, dull and devitalised skin.

The Detox Energie Line efficiently combats 92% of pollution attacks on the skin and specific botanical extracts also improve intracellular health and promote a younger looking and younger performing skin.
Increase skins resistance to environmental stress and improve overall radiance and luminosity.

Hydrating Intensive Treatment – $185

A treatment specially designed to meet all skin hydration needs, with a special six-phase protocol, exclusive Digi-Esthétique® modelling techniques and the latest generation of hydrating active ingredients.

Youth Intensive Treatment – $185

This treatment combines highly-targeted products with expert application methods. Targeted treatment to combat the signs of ageing: wrinkles and slackened skin. Notice performance even after just one treatment.

Secrets Excellence Intensive Treatment – $269

Secrets de Sothys, an incomparable anti-aging treatment.

This incomparable anti-aging treatment envelops the skin with soft, rich textures and light, delicate scents to indulge the senses. Exclusive formulations utilising the Sothys Rose stem cells and precious porcelain flower oil are delivered in unison with our exclusive Liftoplastie™ massage and second skin bio-cellulose mask. Reactivate and regenerate the skin’s youth and natural radiance. Ideal for all skin types concerned with premature or existing aging signs.

Hanakasumi Treatment – $145

A unique cherry blossom & lotus scented protocol of Japanese inspiration: Treat the entire body to an enzymatic peeling, relaxing massage and specific foot modeling in this nourishing, delicately perfumed, well-being ritual.

Sensational Orientales – $145

Inspired by ancestral oriental rites which can be performed as a dry body treatment, designed to be nourishing, and to enhance the skin coupled with the experience of pure relaxation.

Indonesian Ancestrale – $145

An original treatment protocol inspired by ancestral Indonesian beauty rituals to bring about powerful well-being for the body and mind by rebalancing their energies.

An exotic treatment (floral, spicy, woody) combining global body massage and breathing ritual for both the client and the beautician.

100% Customised Treatment – $160 upwards








Cocoon Pregnancy Treatment

120 mins….$239

Please see the Cocoon Pregnancy Treatment page for additional details.

For Men


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